Academic Writing Virtual Retreat

November 21, 2020 from 8AM- 4PM PST

Adeline Boettcher, PhD, Scientific Editor

Nicole Shea, PhD

Writing Mentor

Jessica Klimesh, MA, MFA

Academic and Technical Editor

Our Mission

We aim to provide you with the tools and confidence you need to improve the quality and clarity of your academic writing. Our mission is to meet you where you’re at and—with compassion—offer resources that support your needs for planning, goal setting, grammar and organization improvement, and cohesiveness and concision. Our goal for this retreat is to help you understand how you can improve your writing and partner with you as you practice strategies that we will be sharing. We hope you join us for this writing journey.


The Details

Why participate in the Academic Writing Virtual Retreat?


Retreat entry will grant you:


  • access to 5 hours of content presented by retreat leaders,

  • participation in live group Q&A with retreat leaders and on a group/private chat platform

  • opportunity to meet with Nicole Shea or Jessica Klimesh, after the retreat, to consult on your specific documents (discount vouchers available) .


Who should attend the Academic Writing Virtual Retreat?


Access is granted to any academic, at any level, and from any discipline. We especially encourage you to attend if you consider yourself a nonnative English speaker or English Language Learner.


When and where is the Academic Writing Virtual Retreat held?


Participants will receive a Zoom link in a separate email after registration is complete for participation in the retreat.

The Retreat will be held Saturday, November 21, 2020 from 8am - 4pm, PST.


What sessions and content will be on the retreat agenda?


A link to the final agenda will be available one week prior to the event. Please click here for a draft agenda.


A link to video recordings of the retreat leaders’ presentations will be sent via email after the Retreat is complete, in case you miss a session.


About the Retreat Leaders

Adeline Boettcher is currently a Scientific Editor for a suite of academic radiology journals. She holds a PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology from Iowa State University. As a scientific editor, Adeline edits manuscripts to ensure that the results and methods are clearly defined and to make sure that the content is easily digestible to readers.  From her graduate work she has written and published seven first author manuscripts. Taken together, she has experience and perspective of both sides of academic publishing—from being a submitter to being an editor of manuscripts that are near acceptance. Dr. Boettcher can be found on social media on Twitter at @adeline_bio and on LinkedIn.


Nicole Shea, owner of Nicole Shea Writes, draws on 15 years of academic writing experience to support students, faculty, independent scholars, administrators, and institutions across multiple disciplines to improve the quality and clarity of their writing. With an international following, she offers writing consultation and editing services for journal papers, dissertation and thesis, grant applications, scholarly books, job applications, and the like. Dr. Shea holds a PhD in Education from Rutgers University, and has published in a range of peer-reviewed journals, presented at U.S.-based and international conferences, and hosts writing workshops and social media events on a regular basis. Recently, Dr. Shea launched a blog to share community stories of resilience while doing academic writing. You can also follow her on Twitter @NicSheaWrites and LinkedIn.


Jessica Klimesh, owner of JEK Proofreading & Editing, is an academic and technical editor and proofreader. She previously taught English as a Second Language (ESL) and Rhetoric at the University of Iowa and has taught and consulted on academic writing in other forms as well, including tutoring graduate students in a university writing center. She has experience editing dissertations, theses, and other scholarly papers, as well as technical/professional reports. She holds an MA in English from Bowling Green State University (BGSU), as well as graduate certificates in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and International Scientific and Technical Communication, also from BGSU, and a BS in Communications from Kaplan University. Additionally, she has an MFA in Creative Writing.



If you require a letter to submit to your department for reimbursement, please inquire at

General Admission, $50

  • 5 hours of content for improving your academic writing

  • Presentations by all three retreat leaders on academic writing and editing topics

  • Networking with an international community of academics

  • Access to video recordings of the presentations after the retreat

Recordings of Presentations Only, $35

  • Specifically offered for those that cannot attend the live retreat

  • Includes recordings of presentations by retreat leaders

  • Does not include live Q&A and networking opportunities

Refund Policy

Full refunds for general admission and consultation will be granted up to 24 hours prior to the start of the event. No refunds will be issued after that point. Please contact to request a refund.



Please email with any general inquiries.

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