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Call for Bloggers: 2020 Animal Model Blog

Updated: Jul 13

I am excited to announce that I am going to launch an Animal Model Blog this year! My goal is to make this into a collection of blogs from different researchers who work with different animal models. The animal models included within this blog can range from biomedical, ecological, evolutionary, or other fields of research. The story and motivation for this blog is below!

For specific details on blog submission, click here!

Back in December I ran a survey on Twitter to ask people what animal model they use in their research. I provided the following options:

1. Mouse or Rat

2. Pigs, Cows, or Sheep

3. Flies or C. elegans

4. Yeast or Bacteria

I somehow managed to get over 450 votes on this poll and I received a lot of fun feedback about the animal models that people study in their research! The poll results are below:

In addition to these results, I had a ton of responses about animal models that I missed on the list including the following:

1. Planarians (pharmacokinetics studies for drug testing)

2. Tasmanian tiger (using genome and museum specimens to study convergent evolution)

3. Non-human primates (NK cell function during SIV infection)

4. Exaiptasia pallida (sea anemone- researching algal symbiont pairings in relation to thermal stress and carbon fixation)

5. Brown anole lizard (CRISPR Cas9 gene editing for studying reptile evolution, physiology, and development)

6. Zebrafish

7. Xenopus (invasion science and host-parasite associations)

8. Hogfish

9. Bees and Moths (neuroscience research and honey bee diseases)

10. Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

11. Ducks, geese, and swans

12. Neotropical bats (research on the auditory system)

13. Rabbits

14. Zebra finches

15. Reptiles

16. Chicken and axolotl

17. Old mice and rats (small mammal paleontology)

18. Pigeons

19. Naked mole rat

After receiving all of these responses, I was eager to learn more about all of these topics! This list made me realize how easy it is to become absorbed in our own little niche fields when there are SO many cool research projects underway.

These responses are what inspired the launch of this blog. I want to hear and share your research stories about your animal models!

Because…you know…we all know we have the best model out there 😊

If you are interested in contributing, more details on submission can be found here!

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