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Call for Bloggers: Information on the Cell, Molecular, and Genetic Biology Blog

Updated: Jul 13

Main goal of the blog:

1. To share research or reviews about different areas of cell, molecular, or genetic biology.

2. Provide a 500-1000 word blog about your own research or another areas of interest.


The structure can be anything you would like it to be. You can write an essay, provide bullet points of facts, or make an informational graphic! Within the pieces you can add references to your own work or to other pieces of work that interest you.

Who can contribute:

Researchers, (undergraduate, graduate, postdocs, and others), scientists, scientific writers, anyone else interested in cell, molecular, or genetic biology research.

You do not need to be actively working in a lab to contribute (I'm not!)!

Perks of the blog:

1. Practice your scientific writing and communication skills.

2. Share your writing and research with others.

3. I will be sharing all blog posts on both Twitter and LinkedIn.

4. Have a 'published' piece of work that you can show others.

5. Reach out and connect with other researchers on social media

I will work with anyone submitting blogs on their writing and provide constructive feedback that can be used for further developing your writing skills!

Additional details:

Submit your ideas, questions, or comments to boettcherbioblog@gmail.com

If you would like to contribute a blog, but need help choosing a topic, please email and we can work together to find the perfect topic!

If you would like to collaborate on a blog, please let me know.

Other information: I can not offer remuneration at this point. I do not make any money from these blogs, and this website is my side project and hobby. Writing and posting of a blog is completely free!

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