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To that time I wrote biology poems before going to graduate school....Part 1

The title says it all. Below are poems...about biology...that I wrote in 2015 before I left for Iowa State. Enjoy.

Here I have the following poems:

1. The Nucleus

2. p53

3. Tubes

The Nucleus

The nucleus

Has now arrived

Oh look at how

It always strived

It is the home


It is such

A great display

This is the place

Of gene expression

Or sometimes even

Gene repression

But nonetheless

This is the place

Where RNA is made

In all its grace

Steps of protein synthesis

Have now begun

For without it

There would be none

Before this can happen

DNA must be unwound

And other proteins

Must be unbound

The DNA is coiled

Very tightly

But the cell tells

It to uncoil politely

And so it does

And now it is ready

And RNA polymerase

Is now nice and steady

To begin the process

Of transcription

Where it creates

Its own encryption

To be read

Later on

In a process known as


The nucleus does

So much more

But I don't want

To be a bore

Maybe one day

I'll tell another story

Of the nucleus

And all its glory




Oh what can it be

A protein of sorts

Says a few reports

So now I'll begin

Now put on a grin!

Mutations are changes in DNA bases

And are quite detrimental in most cases

The cell has mechanisms that are in place

To whip those mutations right in the face

Signals are triggered letting the cell know

To put a halt on dividing, so the cell cannot grow

For if it did, the resulting cells would be damaged

And they definitely would not be able to be bandaged

So where does the star p53 come into play?

Follow along and I'll show you the way

When DNA damage arises in the cell

The cell sends out a signal, kind of like a yell

Certain proteins are attracted to the area

And pretty soon there is mass hysteria

These protein trigger a response

And show anything but nonchalance

Eventually the signal makes it was to p53

Oh without it, where would we be?

After some conformational changes

The protein makes a few exchanges

It makes it's way to the nucleus

Kind of like it's riding a bus

Here it finds a special place

And to that area it must pace

p53 can bind to DNA, you see

And begin on a transcriptional spree

It triggers the production of proteins responsible for death

The cell has some time before it takes its last breath

At the same time, repair mechanisms are in place

Like I said, to hit those mutations right in the face

But if the repair proteins fail at their job

The cell gets sad and begins to sob

But alas, p53 is here to the rescue

What it would do, it always knew

Unfortunately now, the cell must commit suicide

We knew throughout it all, it really tried

Apoptosis, or programmed cell death, it is called

Although the cell is sad, the body is enthralled

It escaped a potentially cancerous cell

That would have honestly been like hell



One tube

Two tubes

Red tube

Blue tube

Black tube

Blue tube

Old tube

New tube

This one has a 1 mL limit

This one has a 50 mL limit

Say! What a lot

Of tubes there are.

Tis true

Microcentrifuge tubes

PCR tubes

10 mL tubes

25 mL tubes

50 mL tubes

Oh what to use...


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