• AdelineBoettcher

Trying something new out...

I have had an internal conflict with what I want to do with my career. I love writing, and I love research-specifically immunology and cancer research. Being a professor would be fun...but so would being a full time writer!

I recently finished my PhD from Iowa State earlier this year and am now a Post Doctoral Fellow at Northwestern University. I'm still very early in my career, so it's a perfect time to figure out the specs of what I want to do!

So I'm trying out freestyle writing on here. I supposed there's a bit of vulnerability with starting something like this. But I'll never know until I try!

What I hope to share here is brief summaries of new scientific research, stories of common problems one could come across in the lab, past research stories of my own, and whatever else may come to mind (or other suggestions!).

Hope you enjoy!



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