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Luker, G.D and Boettcher, A.N. Transitioning to a New Normal After COVID-19: Preparing to Get Back on Track for Cancer Imaging. Radiology: Imaging Cancer 
Boettcher, A.N. Development and Characterization of B7-H3 specific Affibody-coated Microbubbles for Breast US Imaging. Radiology: Research Highlight. Radiology: Imaging Cancer. 
Boettcher, A.N, Cino-Ozuna, G.A., Solanki, Y., Wiarda, J.E., Putz, E.J., Owens, J.L., Crane, S.A., Ahrens, A.P., Loving, C.L., Cunnick, J.E., Rowland, R.R.R., Charley, S.E., Dekkers, J.C.M., Tuggle, C.K. (2020). CD3+ Cells in Pigs with Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Due to Defects in Artemis. Front. Immunol. 11, 510.
Boettcher, A.N., Li, Y., Ahrens, A.P., Kiupel, M., Byrne, K.A., Loving, C.L., Cino-Ozuna, A.G., Wiarda, J.E., Adur, M., Schultz, B., Swanson, J.J., Snella, E.M., Ho, C.-S. (Sam), Charley, S.E., Kiefer, Z.E., Cunnick, J.E., Putz, E.J., Dell’Anna, G., Jens, J., Sathe, S., Goldman, F., Westin, E.R., Dekkers, J.C.M., Ross, J.W., and Tuggle, C.K. (2020) Novel Engraftment and T Cell Differentiation of Human Hematopoietic Cells in ART−/−IL2RG−/Y SCID Pigs   . Front. Immunol.  , 11, 100.
Boettcher, A.N. Near-Infrared Labeling of EGFR+ Cells Can Allow Differentiation between Benign and Metastatic Lymph Nodes. Research Highlight. Radiology: Imaging Cancer. 
Boettcher, A.N., Usman, A., Morgans, A.K., Vanderweele, D., Sosman, J., and Wu, J.D. (2019) Past, current, and future of immunotherapies for prostate cancer. Front. Oncol., 9, 884
Boettcher, A.N., Ahrens, A.P., Charley, S.E., and Tuggle, C.K. (2019) A Comprehensive Protocol for Laparotomy in Swine to Facilitate Ultrasound-Guided  Injection into the Fetal Intraperitoneal Space. Comp. Med., 69 (2), 123–129.​
Boettcher, A.N., Kiupel, M., Adur, M.K., Cocco, E., Santin, A.D., Bellone, S., Charley, S.E., Blanco-Fernandez, B., Risinger, J.I., Ross, J.W., Tuggle, C.K., and Shapiro, E.M. (2019) Human Ovarian Cancer Tumor Formation in Severe Combined Immunodeficient (SCID) Pigs. Front. Oncol., 9, 9.
Boettcher, A.N., Loving, C.L., Cunnick, J.E., and Tuggle, C.K. (2018) Development of Severe Combined Immunodeficient (SCID) Pig Models for Translational Cancer Modeling: Future Insights on How Humanized SCID Pigs Can Improve Preclinical Cancer Research. Front. Oncol., 8, 559.
Boettcher, A.N., Cunnick, J.E., Powell, E.J., Egner, T.K., Charley, S.E., Loving, C.L., and Tuggle, C.K. (2018) Porcine signal regulatory protein alpha binds to human CD47 to inhibit phagocytosis: Implications for human hematopoietic stem cell transplantation into severe combined immunodeficient pigs. Xenotransplantation, e12466.
Powell, E.J., Graham, J., Ellinwood, N.M., Hostetter, J., Yaeger, M., Ho, C.-S., Gault, L., Norlin, V., Snella, E.N., Jens, J., Waide, E.H., Boettcher, A.N., Kerrigan, M., Rowland, R.R.R., Ross, J.W., Dekkers, J.C.M., and Tuggle, C.K. (2017) T Cell Lymphoma and Leukemia in Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Pigs following Bone Marrow Transplantation: A Case Report. Front. Immunol., 8, 813.​
Powell, E.J., Charley, S., Boettcher, A.N., Varley, L., Brown, J., Schroyen, M., Adur, M.K., Dekkers, S., Isaacson, D., Sauer, M., Cunnick, J., Ellinwood, N.M., Ross, J.W., Dekkers, J.C., and Tuggle, C.K. (2018) Creating effective biocontainment facilities and maintenance protocols for raising specific pathogen-free, severe combined immunodeficient (SCID) pigs. Lab. Anim., 23677217750691.

PhD Dissertation
Boettcher, Adeline Nicole, "Development and characterization of an immunologically humanized and cancer xenograft model in pigs with severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID)" (2019). Graduate Theses and Dissertations. 16975.
Conferences and Presentations
Past Presentations
Iowa AALAS Branch Annual Meeting- Iowa- 2019
Towards a New Humanized SCID Model: Engraftment of Human Immune Cells after In Utero Injection of Human Hematopoietic Stem Cells
North Central College Biology/Biochemistry Seminar- Illinois- 2018
Development of Severe Combined Immunodeficient Models for Biomedical Research

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