Scientific Manuscript and Report Writing:
A Pocket Guide for Getting Started
available now

This pocket guide covers the basics about scientific manuscript writing!

Starting in October 2021, I will be making videos for each of the chapters of this book:

1. Overview (see below!)

2. Getting started (coming soon!)

3. Timelines and Keeping on Track (coming soon!)

4. Identifying a Journal

5. Authorship

6. Literature Search and Reference Management

7. Results

8. Introduction

9. Materials and Methods

10. Discussion

11. Figures and Tables

12. Title and Abstract

13. Self-editing: General Concepts

14. Self-editing: Language, Style, and Clarity

15. Writing a Letter to the Editor

16. Submitting your Manuscript

17. The Editorial Process After Submission

18. Responding to Reviewers

19. Acceptance and Last Steps for Publishing

20. Handling Rejection

Check back for regular updates!

The guide is available in paperback and e-book format!

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